If you have set 'Own email address (DNS)' as the sending method in your settings to send emails using your own email address, then you also need to ensure that the DNS settings of your domain are configured correctly. You can find this option in the email settings.

Below, we explain how you can do this easily:

1. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Email settings' and choose 'Own email address (DNS)' as the sending method.

2. In this case, it is necessary to first activate the email address and also add 2 DNS records to your domain.

3. It is possible that the necessary DNS records for your domain have not been set up yet. This greatly increases the chance that emails will be blocked by spam filters.

4. By adding the 2 DNS records, this problem will be resolved. You can request the values of the DNS records by navigating to 'Settings' > 'Email settings' > 'Check and activate.'

Make sure to have your website administrator add these DNS records to your domain to ensure proper email delivery.

Did you set up the 2 DNS records? If so, click on 'Check and activate' in the settings again to verify if they are configured correctly.