The API uses REST with API key or email address/password (basic authentication). It is recommended to use an API key.

API key

One or more API keys (API key) can be requested per account via "Access Control". An API key always provides access to one specific account.

The API key is provided during the request to the API via the header "X-API-Key".

Basic authentication

Access to the API is also possible by providing the e-mail address and password of a user. This can be done using the standard basic authentication method where the e-mail address (username) and password (password) are passed through the "Authorisation" header. The value of the header begins with "Basic" followed by a base64 encoding of "username:password".

It is recommended that you add an individual user to your account who will only be used for API access. This way you do not need the credentials of the normal users.

If a user has access to several accounts, you can enter the desired account in the header via "X-AccountId". The account number (AccountId) of an account can be retrieved from the account page (see settings menu at top right). If no account number is specified, the user's default account is used (which can be set via the user page (see settings menu, top right)).

Create new API key

From the API, a new API key can also be created for an account. To create a new API key, a POST call can be made to /api/v1/apikeys by using the basic authentication above. When calling the call, a name (mandatory) and rights (not mandatory; by default all rights) must be specified.