Items from the domain "layouts" represent a layout. A layout is assigned to a document and determines the look-and-feel of a printed document.

Structure of URLs:

/api/v1/layouts: Layouts

/api/v1/layouts/8001: Layout with ID 8001

Domain: Layouts

Field name
layout_idintUnique ID of the layout. Generated by the system. To be specified in URL.8001
nametextName of the layout. Required field. Up to 50 characters long.My layout
versiontextType of generator of the layout. Can contain the value "predefined", "dompdf1", or "custom_dompdf".dompdf1
settingslistVariables used by the generator to build the layout. Depending on the generator used.
templatetextHTML template of the layout. Based on the template, a printed document is created
activetextDescribes whether the layout is active. Can have a value of 'yes' or 'no'.yes

Example in XML of a  layout:

    <name>Mijn layout</name>
    <template><html>Mijn template</html></template>