New or existing customer

Creating an invoice has never been easier than with EenvoudigFactureren ;)

Click on 'create', choose existing or new customer.

For a new customer, you will need to fill in the company details (address, VAT number, email address, phone number) and click on 'create customer'. 

Changing customer information

Would you like to modify the customer's information? Press the gray box next to the customer's name and make the necessary changes.

Changing invoice numbering

If you want to change the invoice numbering, simply click on the gray box next to 'invoice number'.

The system ensures that your invoice numbers follow each other nicely (2022-0001, 2022-0002, 2022-0003, ...). Automatically, 'base future numbering on this new number' is also checked.

If you don't want this, simply uncheck it.


Add description, quantity, amount, and VAT rate

Add additional field

To add an extra field on the invoice, go to "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Extra fields".

If you want these fields to appear on the printed invoice, check these extra fields via the layout in the "Document details" section.

VAT rate

Do you have a webshop, sell goods at a 0% rate, or engage in international trade? Plenty of reasons to review the VAT rates. Adjust them via 'more options'.


Here you note exactly what the invoice is about and you can use the text editor. (change color, bold, underline, make smaller, bigger, add tables, variables, images, and much more)

Invoice note

The system has automatically placed a predefined text for you. If you wish to change this, you can modify it in the box provided.


Here you can indicate the payment term, financial discount, and adjust the language of the invoice.

If you wish to disable 'send automatic reminders' (or the financial discount), simply uncheck the box.

Staat de factuur naar jouw wens? Druk dan op de blauwe knop 'factuur aanmaken'.

The invoice has now been successfully sent.

Invoice sent

To send an invoice, press the 'airplane' icon.

Next, select the recipient and compose the text. You can also use the text editor for this. (more info at the bottom of this page)

Lastly, you can also attach a file using one of the three buttons.

Next, click 'send' to send the invoice.

The invoice has now been successfully sent.

In the invoice overview, you will notice an outstanding amount and the invoice status showing as 'pending'. Additionally, you will see the airplane symbol next to the status, indicating that the invoice has been sent.

More Actions

At 'More Actions', you can print the invoice, send a reminder, register a payment, and much more.