The retrieval of bank payments and forwarding of invoices to the accountant can indeed be done automatically if you activate it.

To automatically retrieve bank payments, go to the invoice overview and select "More actions" > "Import bank transactions," then go to the "Automatic import" tab. Check the option "Automatically import bank transactions" and click "Change."

To automatically forward invoices to the accountant, go to the invoice overview again and select "More actions" > "Send to accountant," then go to the "Automatic send" tab. Automatic sending is already set up here with a frequency of once a month. However, if you create the invoice at the beginning of the month, it will only be sent on the first day of the following month. If you adjust the sending period to "Daily," it will be sent daily.

These settings will ensure that bank payments are automatically retrieved and invoices are forwarded to the accountant according to your preferences.