Activate delivery notes

To create a delivery note, you will first need to activate the 'delivery notes' module. 

To do this, go to your account > modules > components and activate the toggle switch next to 'delivery notes'.

You are now ready to create a delivery note.

How do I create a delivery note?

Click on the red button 'create' and choose a new or existing customer.

Next, you can add one or more lines with a description and quantity.

In the 'delivery note note,' you can add additional information and also use the text editor.

Scroll down and press the blue button 'create delivery note'.

Deliver delivery note and change status.

If the delivery has been completed, you can change the status of the delivery note to 'Delivered' under 'Deliver'. If the delivery still needs to be invoiced, you can choose to set the status to 'To be invoiced'.

The status of the delivery note has been updated.

When you go to the overview of the purchase orders, you will also see that the status has been changed.

Merge delivery notes into one invoice.

If you wish to create an invoice from one or more delivery notes, go to the delivery notes, check the desired delivery notes, press 'create document', and choose 'invoice'.

The data from the delivery note(s) is automatically transferred to the invoice, and the invoice can be created immediately. If necessary, you can still make adjustments to the invoice.

In 'Settings' > 'Advanced', you can customize how different delivery notes are merged. Be sure to try out the following functionalities.

To ensure that the date and purchase order number are included on the invoice, go to 'Settings' > 'Advanced' > 'Settings' and click on 'Merge purchase orders' > 'Keep items grouped by purchase order'.