Create a new project 

Through projects, you can track, estimate, and monitor time and costs for an ongoing project. From the project, you then create one or more invoices for your client.

How do I activate Projects?

Go to 'Modules' > 'Projects' > 'Activate'

How to create a project?

1. Click on the red button 'Create'.

2. Next, choose a project name, client, start and end date, estimate the number of hours or days, and press 'Create'.

"During the creation of the project, you can also choose whether you want to work with an hourly rate or a daily rate. When opting for an hourly rate, you have the option to include fixed break hours, ensuring accurate tracking of worked hours and automatic deduction of any breaks from the total work time. Conversely, if you opt for a daily rate, a fixed amount is charged per working day, regardless of the actual number of hours worked on that day. This can be useful for projects where daily workload varies, as with a daily rate, you don't need to worry about tracking individual work hours, making budget management and invoicing simpler."

The project is now being created.

Subsequently, you can perform time tracking by pressing the blue button 'Time Tracking'.

Provide the description, enter the date, start and end time, and the fixed break if necessary. The number of worked hours is automatically calculated but can still be updated manually.

If you have an additional cost you want to add, press the purple button 'Add Cost'.


Build on the project by adding additional costs/tasks.

Then, press 'Create Invoice' to invoice the project. Note that the system automatically takes over all the data you have entered. The invoice will be generated based on the data you provided.

* Adjustments to the invoice can always be manually updated.

Tip: Via 'More actions' > 'Settings', you can configure how tasks, time registrations, and costs are displayed on the invoice.

In the history, at the bottom of your invoice, you can find the reference to your project. By clicking on 'To project', you will be immediately redirected to your project.

When you want to export the project to an Excel file, you can easily do so by first opening the project. Then, go to the 'More actions' button in the menu. One of these options is 'Export to Excel'. By selecting this option, the entire project, including all relevant data such as time registrations, tasks, and notes, will be exported to an Excel file. You can then easily open, edit, and share this Excel file with others.

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